The advantages of plastic pallets

The basis for a roll pallet is always a plastic pallet or a wooden pallet. What are the main pallet sizes and pallet types [...]

Plastic pallets are the ideal products for the organization of warehouses, for logistics and the transport of food packaging. Thanks to the absence of nails and splinters, a high level of safety is guaranteed in the workplace.

In addition, plastic pallets differ from wooden pallets in that they do not require fumigation, are easily washable and do not undergo weight changes if they come into contact with liquids.

The resistance to atmospheric agents gives the product greater durability over time.

Plastic pallets made of polypropylene (PP) are suitable for industrial use and for the exchange of goods at national and international level. The significantly lower weight compared to wooden pallets guarantees greater practicality in the transport phases, also reducing the bulk.

The use of HDPE (high intensity polyethylene) plastic materials ensures the resistance of the product to high temperature changes and to the aggression of acid and alkaline substances. The plastic pallets made in this way are available in regenerated versions for industrial use and in virgin plastic for the pharmaceutical and health sector and for food use, also in compliance with HACCP regulations.

The completely recyclable plastic structure makes the pallets eco-friendly, ensuring at the same time high performance from a qualitative point of view. The plastic pallets comply with standard sizes and, in order to meet the ever-changing customer needs.



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